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Kit Community mission is to offer members a true personal address/personal account. plus Edutech-kit platform : created to offer members internet interactive tools to build knowledge and skills with the computers in your life. Tools designed for Kit Community to work together to strengthen each members security and your personal rights. Computers are the greatest knowledge building tool ever invented. Our interactive web tools will assist members in taking total control of their personal computers and personal intellectual property. Edutech-kit platform, Kit Community mother site will provide mew tools and features to insure your security on the inter. Your input is always welcome on security and improvements. Together we can build a social community for future generations.

KIT Members build knowledge in the computer products to assist in their lives. Thru knowledge in technology our members will have the tools to take complete control of computers, including internet Social activities. Sharing Knowledge is the key to enjoying a solid future.

KIT Members own their accounts and all data and content posted on their account, Edutech-kit.com is dedicated to providing private accounts to our members to offer privacy that a dignified human in a civilized society should be respected.

  • Members own their accounts.
  • Members own their baby photos and wedding photos.
  • Members own their data and personal intellectual property.
  • Members own their algorithms plus interactive tools to control them.
  • Members will also have tools to work with Edutech-kit to build a safe web community for all.

KIT Community Will Not data mind or spy on members to gain an advantage or to advertise to you. Kit will not offer messenger apps “spy apps” to gain complete access to your personal computer products (Smartphone, tablet PC) lives.

Kit Community is dedicated to offer members tools to have full control and be secure with your social sharing experience when visiting the Internet.
KIT will be providing special interactive tools to assist all members.

Kit Community Will Not!

  • Will not data mine or sell members data.
  • Will not force a messenger app to spy on member’s and their devices.
  • Will not use member’s in social experiments ever!
  • Will not permit 3rd Party Apps “commonly used in current web communities to commit the above unethical practices”!

Hello, I am James Gonzales the founder/creator of KIT Community, I am small tech with no ties to any big tech or any investors to lead me away from my dream of building tools that help people build knowledge about computers. When I was presented the challenge of it costing millions of dollars to build my site I did not go seek funding, instead I built it myself with a very small budget. I still call KIT Community a work in progress, and their is so much more that I want to build. Currently I provide everything all my competitors offer in features, except KC will have its messenger in its app included, not separate to gain access into your personal files. I want to help build individuals Knowledge and want to show the world how to run a social web community that respects every members rights and freedoms. I really need your help please share share share.


Please Share Kit Community with all your family and friends.

Thank you James Gonzales

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