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Jodie keeps chose to stop making use of online dating sites

an unit provides told of the woman bizarre knowledge about internet dating software Tinder – including one go out just who ordered the girl an animal chihuahua and inadvertently killed it.

And even though she only made use of the well-known software for a fortnight, 26-year-old Jodie Weston stated she had a lot more than this lady fair share of awful dates.

She’s come delay the app once and for all after going on three “horrendous” times on the search for Mr Right.

One time watched the girl satisfy some guy at a pub in London which finished as he fell down his seat, states the echo.

She said: “My personal go out invested the whole times tilting as forward on his seat as humanly feasible until he virtually have their face tucked within my cleavage.

“I found myself about to render my personal excuses and simply tell him I had to depart, as he leaned past an acceptable limit forward on his chair and dropped onward off they onto the flooring.”

“The Main One”

On her behalf next wish at meeting ‘The One’, Jodie positioned to fulfill men within movies where they in the offing on watching the latest film in terror operation Purge.

And they were planning to walk into the display she heard a female screaming.

Jodie, who’s appeared on route 5’s high family Go Skint plus the BBC’s Eating using my Ex, stated: “A guy just who worked into the urban area took me towards the cinema to view current Purge movie – so when we had been about to come in, we read a lady yelling.

“I switched around and noticed a lady making a beeline for us. All i possibly could discover was actually her directed and shouting with this sparkly ring on.

“I experienced no clue which he was partnered. I simply got my personal popcorn and ice-blast, prepared to see a movie, and is caught inside the foyer between a cheating husband and his raging girlfriend.

“i recently informed them ‘good chance’ and made a really rapid leave.”

Canine killer

The next, but got effortlessly Jodie’s worst online dating event yet.

She stated the person resulted in to the lady dull in Canary Wharf, London – with a chihuahua as something special.

Jodie claimed “his face completely screwed up and then he appeared as if the devil had taken over his spirit” when she rejected the gifts and he stormed making use of puppy.

Model Jodie stated she believed she would never see your once more – very ended up being shocked to acquire your resting outside the lady level time later.

Jodie stated: “I keep in touch with your following time, perhaps not because i needed to keep internet dating your, but because I became worried for the dog’s welfare.

“the guy continuous attempting to discover me personally, but I advised him I happened to be going back to Derbyshire for several era observe my family as a reason.

“The morning I found myself due to disappear, we moved downstairs in order to get inside my mum’s vehicle – and which did I see prepared outside the entrances to my building?”

Jodie stated their Tinder big date next marked alongside and spent a few days into the Midlands together families – awkwardly inquiring their step-dad to take on your.

Getting back again to London from this lady disastrous excursion, she announced: “whenever I got back to London, I tried to have as little connection with your possible.

“But a few weeks afterwards, I discovered the dog had passed away, probably because he was serving they a meal plan of Twiglets and Rubicon Mango fruit juice.”

Strange change

Issues grabbed a strange turn when Jodie’s Tinder guy “wouldn’t simply take no for a solution”.

She reported: “following the chihuahua died, I attempted to fully slash affairs off with him, but he’dn’t get no for a solution.

“One day, I arrived home therefore the concierge of making labeled as us to demonstrate that I’d started delivered this massive teddy-bear – the biggest you would ever see.

“Around one hour after, he started frantically texting myself, inquiring me personally easily had gotten the surprise and this he was coming more than.

“we told him that I happened to be attending prohibit your from my building. He arrived anyhow, and informed me that in case i did not get your back once again, he’d call the authorities getting his teddy-bear right back.

“All things considered, ct strapon dating he was escorted off the premises – without the teddy bear, that I still have!”


The three terrible knowledge are far from Jodie’s only internet dating scary tales.

The part-time DJ, said she also outdated a guy exactly who required the lady to pay for a ?200 club bill in Oxford Circus when his credit declined.

She said that she happened to be dumped by an ex whom remaining her on vacation, which led the lady to drinking whiskey in the hotel club by herself.

You may be enthusiastic about.

Jodie have chose to quit utilizing online dating, and can get back to old-school ways of satisfying people in-person.

She mentioned: “like that, I can do some face-screening, to make certain they are not a catfish or an overall total lunatic – though up to now not really which is worked.

“I’m looking for my Mr Jodie and future husband that each girl hopes for searching, but i believe i am born with a curse of bringing in nutters.

“My personal recommendations is when the chap appears with a chihuahua, you shouldn’t stick around to confirm your dog – just phone the RSPCA instead.”

Jodie extra: “and perhaps, to also state a prayer before a night out together, and inquire Jesus to not ever allow then one be because terrible once the finally.”

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