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KIT Community is a worldwide web community working together to build the next generation of social web communities. Edutech-kit was created to provide all, personal computer integration tools to strengthen members Knowledge In Computers/internet products.

KIT Community is a family web community that will have the tools and community forums, for us to work together “members/edutech-kit”, to provide the children and all members who attend a safe and secure platform.

Parents and Teachers, this includes all religious teachers, KC was developed to offer you interactive tools to take control of technology. Church Leaders and teachers will be given 100% of their students/followers and will never lower the percentage. KC is dedicated to building the social web community that will be respected around the world for generations to come. Together we can take full control of our computer products and clean up the internet/cloud. At KC we are writing the new rules for social web communities and want your participation and suggestions.

Share KIT Community with all your friends and family. We currently have members from every country so connect with all your family and friends. I want to be honest,

I am James Gonzales the founder/creator of KIT Community, I am small tech with no ties to any big tech or any investors to lead me away from my dream of building tools that help people build knowledge about computers. When I was presented the challenge of it costing millions of dollars to build my site I did not go seek funding, instead I built it myself with a very small budget. I still call KIT Community a work in progress, and their is so much more that I want to build. Currently I provide everything all my competitors offer in features, except KC will have its messenger in its app included, not separate to gain access into your personal files. I want to help build individuals Knowledge and want to show the world how to run a social web community that respects every members rights and freedoms. I really need your help please share share share.

Thank You James M. Gonzales

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