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Edutech-kit.com/KIT Community

 Edutech-kit.com is a Community will provide computer integrating tools to assist all members who want to take control of technologies in their lives. The Kit site is Designed for Teachers and Students, providing multiple tools to learn the techniques of using Technology effectively. To deliver a preview and review of personal experiences and a members polling system on all products we developed a multi-layer search engine with organizational tools. The site is designed to provide Members a comfortable setting to discover how technology can assist them in their lives.

We will provide members with customized content on the products they own, with added tools to search competitive products. Kit tools, has been created to provide a member base where the members give their critiques of the technologies that they use. There are thousands of products and a million plus Apps in the world today. Edutech-kit.com will continually update the posts of members’ top apps/products for the products you own/use and for the subject being taught.

We will provide members with a safe free way to understand and learn new techniques to use technologies in Education.

Teachers should always control all technology in their classroom. Teachers should not use technology if they don’t understand it or are not comfortable with it. The secret to computers is to practice teaching the technology to do what you want. Yes, you have to teach the technology along with teaching yourself to use it. But you need to find the products you like. Enjoy the experience when using computers. The more you enjoy it the more it will offer you.

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