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Kit Community wants to insure every member that Edutech-kit cares about your security and your personal rights.

Kit Community was designed to provide Knowledge Integration Tools to the world. An interactive web community learning computer skills and collectively build a safe web environment for all members.

Edutech-kit platform was built for the Teacher and the Student in all of us. Computers are the greatest knowledge building tool ever invented. Interactive web tools will assist members in taking total control of their personal computers and personal intellectual property.

Teachers Edutech-kit will provide all the tools and features to insure your security and follow your schools guidelines. Your input is always welcome on security we will build a social community for future generations.

                         At Kit Community 

  • Members own their accounts.
  • Members own their baby photos and wedding photos.
  • Members own their data and personal intellectual property.
  • Members own their algorithms and tools to control them.
  • Members will also have tools to work with Edutech-kit to build the safest and most resourceful web community for future generation’s.
  • Will not practice censorship on members. 
  • Will not data mine or sell members data.
  • Will not force a messenger app to spy on member’s   devices.
  • Will not use member’s in social experiments ever!
  • Will not permit 3rd Party Apps “commonly used in current web communities to commit the above unethical practices”!

Kit Community is about working together, building knowledge and skills for you to take full control of the computers in your life.

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