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Dear Parents

 Kit was originally created to provide computer integrating tools to Teachers and Students. The first night I set down to evaluate my ideas for the design of this site. My 3 year old grandchild snatched my iPad to play with it,  I realized at that moment each one of us, is always a Student and will be a Teacher many times throughout our lives. The most influential Teacher a Parent needs to have tools to give their children an advantage in a world full of computers. Our children understand computer technology straight out of the box, because their minds have no limitations on pushing the buttons. They have no fear of breaking it, which really they only care when it does break. It may be scary to hand a 3 year old your 800 dollar iPad. But the results of what a child can learn from early exposure to these products will create organized creative people with a strong roots in Knowledge in Technology. We are only at the start of the discoveries computers may have in education. With the power of the new products the future looks more promising everyday.

The learning abilities of all computer products may have a large impact on your children as they approach school. We have just started to discover the benefits of these products and how they can help in education. The only way to give your children an extra edge in education, and in life after school, is through learning knowledge in computer technology. Building a strong foundation in computers at a young age may provide your children the tools to jump or leap to the top of the class.

Thank You

James Gonzales

Founder Kit

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