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At Edutech-kit.com our Community would like to work with Teachers and Students who want to take control of technologies in their lives. We will provide multiple integrating tools designed for teachers and students to learn techniques to use technology effectively. Providing a Multi layer Search engine and organizing tools to deliver the review, preview, Personal experiences and member polling system on all products. The site is designed to give Teachers and Students a comfortable setting to discover technology, and as a community help the world see the best products which can assist them in their lives.


We will provide members with customized content to the Products and Topics with added tools to search competitive products. With thousands of products and millions of apps edutech-kit.com will post member top apps/products for the subjects and products you own/use.

We will provide members with a safe free way to understand and learn new ways to use technologies in Education.

A Teacher who properly uses Technology in their lives and in their classrooms builds a technology foundation to every one of their students.

When Teachers view technology as an Assistant they may save time and add

unlimited content into their classes. The possibilities will only be limited by the teachers imagination.

When one learns to recognize the assisting capabilities multi-function computers and techniques to use Drives effectively all doors to Technology will open.


Teachers should always control all technology in their classroom. A teacher should not use technology if they don’t understand it and/or they are not comfortable with it. The secret to technology is practice or teaching the equipment to do what you want. Yes you have to teach the technology along with teaching yourself to use it. But find the products you like. Enjoy the experience when using computers. The more you enjoy it the more it will offer you.


Computer language can be as confusing as a rubrics cube. We will find ways at KIT to explain computers to members who have problems understanding the terms. We want to take the confusion out of Technology. With an easy navigation platform designed with organizing tools and a personalized App to give members quick information on the go. Teachers will discover new ways to find the products which may assist them best in their lives.

edutech-kit.com values the power of the Cellphone Technology. And the possibilities teachers would gain if they would learn to use it. The new features of the smartphones on the market have advanced to the point a person can get a virtual personal Assistant that is run from voice command. This is strait out of the box and has features that will assist all teachers throughout their work.

Important Note: KIT will always stand by the rules a teacher practices in their classroom. By no means do we fill professors should change their syllabus or rules in the classroom. They should make their own rules in their class for technology. Teachers who do not like phones in the class should always be respected. We will never disrespect the rules or morals of Teachers for their classroom.

Integrating technology into the classroom does not mean every person should have a computer. But the mentor or “hero to a majority of people they teach” that uses technology in their activities with proper techniques teaches students to use the same practices. To cut this short a teacher should practice using technology to provide a good example for their students. Their Future depends on it.

KIT will work hard on discovering and showing Members the best Products and proven Techniques from other members. With details on the products that can Assist them Education. We will also offer “The Assistant” which is the sites mascot. The Assistant will be there for members to ask questions, provide stats, Member Ratings on products and news feeds to see the new and future products. The Assistant was developed to be a reminder to members, when they hear the word “Technology” think “Assistant” in their life and in Education.


Please Become a Member and discover new ways to use Technology in Education

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