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  When I started Edutech-kit, the site was intended for teachers and students and to build proper tools so teachers together may discover the products they own, and effectively use the computer tools their PC, smartphone, tablets and apps offer education. I recognized from the beginning to design KiT, all humans in this world will be a student and a teacher within their lives and I had to find a way to design the platform to fit each member unique profile. World-kit will be the home to all KiT Sites, KiT Groups and will assist all members of the KiT Community and will have special features for businesses and employees. Teacher-kit, Student-kit, and Parent-kit will provide added tools to assist and allow members to utilize KiT tools effectively in education.

  KiT Groups are here to answer your questions on computer technology in terms catered to insure each member will understand! KiT is designed for members to share their thoughts, ideas, and help each other thru problems using all their computers i.e., PC, Tablets and the new smartphones, with members explanations that they can easily understand.

  We will work personally with members to build a foundation where KiT Members make computers work for them, to be their Personal Assistant. We want our members to control the computers in their lives!


  I think of it as “Computer Independence”- A person who demands to control the computers in their lives, instead of letting the computer control them! Then they can find the greatest tools ever invented to learn and grow.

  Students helping students find products that work in their studies. Student-kit provides integrating tools to see how their phones/computers can assist them in their studies. I had to decide on the best method to open KiT Tools to Teachers and make them work for all their students. I decided the best method to make KiT work is for me to buy the students Gold Membership so they all may enter virtual classrooms and have the best tools available to learn their products.

Welcome To World-kit

Teacher-kit the heart of edutech-kit.

  Teachers will provide KiT Tools specially designed for educators. Teacher-kit will provide Teachers their own KiT Groups to connect, share and assist other teachers in discovering the best products to use in their classes.

 Teachers KiT would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on computers and KiT Tools so we can offer you the best service possible.

  Smartphone and Tablet owners please try out our new app instructions will show on your device when you log in. It only takes one step to have the app on your desktop! Please let me know your thoughts of the app.

  To integrate computer technology requires people to join with people with the same interest, and most important own the same products.

   KiT Groups are designed for KiT members where they may discover their computer product features and new ways to use the technologies they own or would like to buy. Every product, app, feature, short cut, or idea of a new technique could help other members enjoy their technologies and use them in their lives. We want members to make edutech-kit their personal website where you feel like you get treated like a VIP.

   Computer enthusiast and game developers used these methods to improve their products and build the confidence of the customer. The designer of KiT is converting these methods/tools for people who don’t know, or care to know the computer language or tool terms, into an easy to understand new designed platform which can be customized to help keep you focused and updated on your products.

  Start Building Your Personal KiT Foundation

  Ask questions, post comments, start new forums, and new groups to get started integrating technology in education.

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